Steps To Ensure the security of your Wi-Fi router with Norton core

Since the launch of Norton Core, an industry-leading and accomplished Wi-Fi router, Norton brought revolutionary changes into the future of digital security and carved a straight path for users to ensure safe home browsing and everlasting security against cyber threats.

Ever since Norton core has secured a special place in the hearts of millions. It was expertly crafted for home security network, encouraging higher performance and acceleration. It is accessible from any computer shop in your locale with a guarantee to provide you a safe terminal for internet browsing with password security while blocking unauthorized users to gain access. It transformed the way people secure their connected homes.

Today’s home network is swarming with futuristic devices from mobile phone, tablets, laptops, to thermostats, smart television and electronic devices operating through voice commands. Fortifying them all with exceptional security, diagnosis, and threat detection software to fight against emerging cyber attacks is of paramount importance.

Is it true that Norton Core comes with the inbuilt-security system?

Unfortunately, many consumers would flinch to spend money on such devices, as these devices are vulnerable against cyber infiltration attacks led by masters of hacking. Cybercriminals possess both technology and expertise to exploit your Wi-Fi routers into gaining access in your home security. Almost 65 percent consumers in the US alone, share a common belief that Wi-Fi routers are impregnable and designed keeping in mind all its security aspects, even though Norton exposed countless vulnerabilities in more than 50 categories of IoT of devices. The facts related to such vulnerabilities were unveiled under the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report.

The cyber world has witnessed several high-profile successful attempts of cyber infiltration in recent years. The thought of knowing that hackers are now exploiting an array of connected devices that are acting as a vehicle for accessing your financial and personal details would be enough to give you several sleepless nights.

To relieve us all from the ghastly attacks of cyber terror, Norton is set to expand security measures of our digital platforms in an innovative way. With Norton Core, consumers can easily incorporate stronger defense mounted on your Wi-Fi Router, in a personal and elegant manner to their connected devices.

Uniquely crafted for connected devices

Unlike Wi-Fi routers from older days, the advanced Norton Core was introduced with an intent to safeguard the online interests of your loved ones connected from home network and protect them from malicious websites and other inconceivable threats. To provide strong wireless connectivity, Norton Core has a unique antenna array inside a geodesic dome of interlocking faces. Defense and weather radars, deployed in the extreme reaches of the globe, inspired the antenna of Norton Core. The outer layer of the device is also a work of great precision which allows users to place it in open, as a home décor’ providing a strong, uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal.

Here are other features that you need to be aware of before making your purchase:

  • Superior and customized parental control
  • Unparallel Security, higher performance and impeccable digital safety
  • Superior Wireless performance
  • Advanced security
  • Security Score
  • Easy to Manage
  • Secure Guest Access
  • Automatic updates

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